Artisan Craft Beer and Scratch Made Eats



Nine Giant started with a simple question:  “What would make the ultimate taproom experience?”  For us, the answers were pretty easy.  Constant evolution of hand-crafted beers.  Scratch-made food, sourced from the highest quality ingredients.  A smaller, more intimate environment.  And a glistening wall of blue subway tile.


Our dedication to experimentation creates a constantly evolving craft beer experience

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And, my favorite, these deep-fried can tell they’re homemade, because they still resemble the cucumbers they started out as, and the breading is bumpy and super-crisp
— Polly Campbell, The Cincinnati Enquirer

scratch kitchen

Our kitchen slings out artisan, scratch-made bar food sourced from the highest quality fresh ingredients

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This Week

Our brewery and kitchen constantly crank out new awesomeness.
New beers. Returning favorites. Menu specials. Burger Night. Keg infusions.
It's enough to make your head spin. Check back here for the latest news so you don't miss out!

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Newest Eats

Open Face Pot Roast
braised pot roast | toasted baguette | mashed potatoes | horseradish gravy | fried leek

Cincinnati Chili
available as a bowl or on loaded pommes frites (yum!)

Crab Cakes
jumbo lump crab | panko | tarragon aioli | scallion

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Newest Brews

DLZ Hazy Imperial IPA

I Like BEEER! Rye Blond

Ruby Vroom Hawaiian Punch Berliner

Pass the Mic American Pale Ale

Popscene Belgian Pale Ale

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Event Schedule

Tuesday Burger Night
11/6 The Onion Ring & Boursin Burger
grass fed beef | housemade onion rings | lemon thyme boursin cheese | remoulade

Wednesday Plinko Night
Come on down!

Thursday Beer Sorcery
11/8 Dunno Yet
It’s a mystery. Even to me.


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Brandon Hughes

Head Cheerleader

Brandon holds down the business and food side of things for Nine Giant. A native of Cincinnati, Brandon attended Xavier University and has an M.B.A. from UC Berkeley. Prior to ditching corporate life for a bar stool, Brandon worked in Finance, Strategy Consulting, most recently at Riot Games. When not working on Nine Giant, he enjoys video games, board games, chef'ing his way around the kitchen and indie rock.

Michael Albarella

Chief Alchemical Officer

Mike is a beer witch, turning seemingly ordinary ingredients into delicious beer.  He prefers the term "Brewmaster", but whatever. Mike has been home-brewing since before he was of legal drinking age... so we'll just leave that be. Before starting Nine Giant, Mike was an architect in New York and most recently
with SFA in Cincinnati. Outside of Nine Giant, Mike enjoys reading about beer, thinking about beer and talking about beer. Some guys just have one-track minds.